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In the Heat round, performers are asked to prepare a 3 minute cut of a musical theatre style song. Much like the audition, they will perform to a panel of West End judges and receive feedback on their performance, but this time there will also be a public audience! These rounds will be performed to backing tracks.

These regional heats typically have

10-12 performers in each show and are grouped according to age where possible. The judges put through their top 3 performers and there is also an audience vote to decide the 4th person going through to the next round - the semi-finals!


Vocal Warm-Up - 10 Minutes

Group vocal warm up

Rehearsal - 45 Minutes

A chance for you to run through your song  

Performance - 50 Minutes

The audience come in and contestants come out one at a time to perform

Audience Vote - 5 Minutes

A short interval for the audience to cast their votes and the judges to deliberate

Results - 5 Minutes

The show resumes and the judges announce their winners and the audience vote



What do I need to bring?

You will have sent your backing track in advance so all you need to bring is some water

Do I need to warm up before?

We have a group warm up before the show

How long does it take?

Contestants will be with us for a total of 2 hours including rehearsals and the show

Do parents stay with contestants?

Once we sign in the contestants, they will be chaperoned by DBS checked staff. Parents are asked to come back at show time!


What happens if someone sings the same song as me?

We always let contestants know if someone is singing the same song however if both contestants want to stick with the song, they can!

Can I sing a pop song?

You can sing whatever song you like but part of the judges marking criteria is story telling so something in the style of musical theatre is best!

Do we need to wear a costume?

Generally contestants don't wear a full costume but a hint of your character in your outfit is sometimes nice. 

How do I get tickets to the heats?

You can buy tickets to all of our shows on our Tickets page



"An incredible experience! I learnt so much about myself and met some amazingly talented people! I got to perform in some beautiful venues and would definitely recommend this experience to any aspiring performer!"



At the Heat rounds, we also offer a West End Workshop which could vary from learning material from a West End show to a mock audition workshop. Details of the workshop will be sent out after the audition.

These workshops will cost £20 per person to take part and will be an hour long. They will take place in an adjacent room from the heats and will be scheduled alongside the shows to give everyone an opportunity to take part.

There are bursaries and sibling concessions available - see the Enter Now page for more details. 

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