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(C) West End Calling 2019


West End Performer

"I LOVE West End Calling. It's such an incredible opportunity for young performers wanting a career in musical theatre. It was a complete joy being a judge and I can't wait to see some of their faces in the West End in the near future!"

Scott Paige



"I wish I'd had the opportunity as a young performer to experience something like West End Calling. It would have really helped me prepare for auditions in later life, and given me much needed advice from current working professionals to help further my training. It's an experience like no other!"



"The amazing thing about West End Calling is how in such a short space of time they have managed to make a huge impact and attract really talented individuals which makes the competition such a joy to be on the panel for.  They have a strong emphasis on giving fair and as thorough feed back as possible which is also quite unique. It gives the competitors things to work on and take note of to improve their chances of winning and also improve them as performers.


The calibre of judges are always current and really know their craft so you know you are getting a knowledgable and current response. Also they collaborate with great businesses to make the whole competition really worth it. This isn't just a paper certificate and a pat on the back. You get real prizes. I think it's a really fresh and brilliant competition which can only get bigger and better. I might apply this year. "



"West End Calling provides a brilliant opportunity for young musical theatre performers. Expert guidance and coaching is provided in all facets of performance, developing skills and experience in audition rooms, small intimate theatre venues and on the west end stage.


What I find extraordinary about the West End Calling experience is how much performers get out of each and every round they are in, and how these experiences contribute to an clear improvement in performance ability and confidence, both within a year’s competition and to those performance who return year after year.

It is an absolute pleasure to see performers improve their skills and confidence with every performance at West End Calling, taking the expert advice and using it to hone their performance. Young performers of all ages, and with all levels of experience benefit massively from the wide range of performance opportunities West End Calling can give.

The opportunity to work with other theatre professionals that are passionate about working with young people is fantastic. The quality of the feedback, the coaching and the support for the young performers at every stage of the competition is outstanding, and it’s an experience I’m very proud to be a part of."



"West End Calling is a fantastic opportunity. It’s so helpful and everyone is really lovely and encouraging. Getting feedback from West End professionals is amazing, to hear what they have to say is such a rare opportunity. Back home, in Ireland, we don’t have anything like this so it’s given me the boost I need for the next part of my performance life. I’m looking to apply for London-based drama schools and coming through the audition process has provided me with an insight into how it will feel."



"I’ve made lots of friends at West End Calling, all the contestants are lovely and it's nice because we have similar interests. It's exciting, crazy and intense (but in a good way) – I just love it! The judges give you feedback every time which is so helpful as their technical advice can be transferred to singing lessons, my future career and in everyday life. Singing a solo is really nerve-racking but the more you do it the better you become. I’m getting much more confident and used to performing in front of lots of people. It’s so great"



"West End Calling is a fun, confidence-boosting and friend-making experience. Hearing from professionals on the panel is so beneficial, it betters your performance making going into the industry more realistic. I would love to go into Musical Theatre, my plan is to audition for Drama Schools, hopefully get in and then go into the industry. West End Calling has given me so much confidence to pursue my dreams and give what I love a try."

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